vivian Hutchinson


vivian Hutchinson QSM is a community activist and social entrepreneur based in Taranaki, New Zealand. He has been an organiser, speaker, writer, learner and gatherer. He works with projects and activities that have the potential to make a fundamental difference to our social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges. Over the last 45 years, vivian has worked mainly on issues of race relations, social justice, job creation and philanthropy.

His current projects are about how to foster more active citizenship and generous engagement on our most important community issues. He was the convener of the first New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, and is also the author of How Communities Heal — stories of social innovation and social change (2012). He is a founding trustee of Community Taranaki, and one of the creators of How Communities Awaken — Tū Tangata Whenua — a Masterclass for Active Citizenship.

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