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A Time to Show Compassion
interview in The Taranaki Daily News, 25th March 2020   paper-clipping   Stuff website
If you are not anxious about this pandemic, then you are not paying attention. The important thing is what you are doing with your anxiety. This is a time to get organised, and to get connected.


Five Things To Do For Personal and Community Resilience During a Time of Pandemic (2020)
Our job now is to get organised so that ourselves, our family members and our friendship networks are better prepared, better informed and better connected.

Coronavirus: Don't panic but do get organised to help yourself and your community
Opinion 21st March 2020, Taranaki Daily News   paper-clipping   Stuff website
We haven't seen anything like this in several generations. Let's make sure it brings out the best in us.

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The Anniversaries of our Amnesia (2020)
— some thoughts on Taranaki Anniversary Day   PDF version with full notes and links
I was the great grand-child of a forgetting. And I was at a loss as to how this had been achieved.


The Shape of Our Masterclass (2020)
— some elements of design
The ability to speak with one another about what really matters is the primary asset in how communities heal and regenerate.


The Creative Community (2020)
— some thoughts for Possibility Conversation
Citizenship is an act of creativity.


How Communities Awaken (2020)
a series of articles inspired by the themes of our Community Conversations and the Taranaki Masterclass for Active Citizenship - Tū Tangata Whenua. 


Taranaki 2050
The Taranaki Daily News, 9th January 2020  full page     comment
The work of an ongoing regeneration of our communities will demand the skills and talents and hearts of all of us.


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2019 Pages from a Year Book
Facebook post (photo album)

2019 A Sound Track from vivian Hutchinson
Facebook post and full track listing
Can we listen to the earth and our better selves, and rise to the challenge of the climate emergency? It really does change everything. This is not a time to get distracted by Presidents and Prime Ministers or whether Facebook is messing with our heads. If we listen, we can already hear the consequences. It's a sound like coyotes howling in the distance. I'm not in any hurry to trade my own spurs for wings, so I am going to take my time and rove and interfere and rebel against the extinction of our common sense. Yet death is hardly ever the final story. Even Leonard's friends have completed his songs ... and of course they remind us about what happens to the heart.

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A Guide to the Masterclass for Active Citizenship (2020)
published by Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki and Community Taranaki 


Community and Liberation (2019)
— some thoughts on the 30th Anniversary of Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki
In the overall scheme of things, Tū Tama Wāhine o Taranaki is a small and modest agency. But its call and commitment to real development and genuine liberation is anything but modest.


Kuia Matarena
Aunty Marj (1913-2010)
Kuia Matarena advocated that, alongside the necessary acts of protest and resistance, we also need to create places that explore a different conversation between Māori and Pākehā, and one that reaches across racial, political and spiritual differences. Her view was that as we face our difficult histories together and address the ongoing questions of justice, we also need to lay a much deeper groundwork for the friendships that can lead to peace and reconciliation.

The Necessary Ingredient (2019)
— some thoughts for the Invitation Conversation
We are living in a majority culture that is not used to turning up and spending the time on deeper conversations about the things that matter to all of us. We are certainly not used to it unless the “turning up” is provoked by conflict and polarization or a catastrophe or some sort of political drama. To some extent, we have lost the building blocks of a community literacy that enables us to have these slower talks with one another.


Remembering the New Zealand Wars and the work yet to be done
The Spinoff, 17th October 2019    PDF version    Spinoff Website
The national organisers say that Te Pūtake o Te Riri is a messenger whose task is “to awaken the memory and conscience of a sleeping nation”. This is an awakening that will also transform our collective identity – our fundamental sense of citizenship – as we start to come to terms with who we think we are, and who we want to be.


By Whose Authority (2019)
— some thoughts for the Citizenship Conversation
Our conversations on gifts, commitment, dissent, ownership, possibilities and invitation ... are all about stepping into a shared language of how to make things happen. We have to learn this language. Every generation has always had to learn this language.


At the Edge of the Roof (2019)
— some thoughts on Business as Usual
At a time when we should be responding to the profound changes in our public lives, there are just far too many citizens and institutions who are being left stuck and immobile, or otherwise distracted.


Regenerating Citizenship and Community (2019)


The Feathers We Need to Fly (2019)
— some thoughts on Community Development
Active citizens are the people who remember that “community” has important work to do ... and some of that work has our name on it.

CC_Open_Masterclass_red_Icon.png    CC_Open_Masterclass_blue_Icon.png

Invitation to 2019-2020 Open Masterclass / Community Conversations
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki
Invitation to 2019-2020 Masterclass Skills Sharing Sessions
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki


The Hutchinson Brothers, Taranaki, August 2019

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The Voting Crisis
Taranaki Daily News, Thursday 22nd August 2019  paper-clipping   Stuff website    CTAR Website  Feedback
Every Council and Government and elected Board should be doing so much more to promote the health of our democracy and invite people to step up to the most basic expression of their citizenship. But this is not just a problem for the public service and our elected officials, and they are never going to fix it alone. We need to re-awaken our own communities to the importance of these collective moments of choice.


Popcorn and the Treaty 2019
Community Kōrero at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki
a tasty way to honour Te Tiriti in 2019 ... with viewing of Parihaka - a Photographic Survey, and Hikoi - the Land March



2018 Pages from a Year Book
Facebook post (photo album)

2018 A Sound Track from vivian Hutchinson
Facebook post and full track listing
I’d better get my coat ... I feel the breath of a storm. I’m on the road again, but it is all in a writer’s mind. In reality, I live only five minutes away from Merrilands. Perhaps it is my imagination, but it feels like the year has been all Trump and Brexit, and we haven’t even started yet. They say we are all consumers now, but that also means we have decided that some things are scarce, and there is little need for a commons. In the end, should we be surprised if we are refugees in a Land of Gold? Bruce has reminded me of my own magic trick – a life in pursuit of that ever-elusive, never completely believable: Us. I have an appointment on Sunday afternoons because it is Live from Here. This is the other America that also has a tight connection to my heart.

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The Value of an Apology
Letter to The Taranaki Daily News 11th December 2018  paper-clipping    Stuff website 
The law needs to be changed so that it does not apply to stolen property.


A Citizen in Westown (2018)
— some thoughts for "conversations that matter" at the Barclay Hall
Barclay Hall Labour Party Rooms, 4th October 2018
Active citizenship is not a paid job. And it’s not volunteering. It is about all the things we can do to create the communities we want to live in, and to take care of the things that we value. And sometimes this involves the acts of creativity that are about disrupting and transforming the existing systems that are no longer fit for purpose.


Citizen and Community (2018)
a preview article from the How Communities Awaken writing project
The natural next step for a post-grievance and post-settlement nation is the local and cross-cultural task of community-building.


Invitation to 1809 Masterclass for Active Citizenship - Tū Tangata Whenua
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki 
Invitation to 1703 Masterclass for Active Citizenship - Tū Tangata Whenua
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki


Parihaka Earth Festivals 1978-1984
paper and photo album to commemorate the 40th anniversary of start of the Parihaka Earth Festivals (September 2018)
PDF version    Facebook post and album comments
In September 1978, a series of small gatherings began at Parihaka marae which introduced a whole new generation of Pākehā people to a Māori world on their doorstep. It also awakened many of the participants to a history and inheritance of war and the opposition to the land confiscations that took place in Taranaki in the 19th century.


Parihaka 1977
paper and photo album (Winter 2018)
PDF version     Facebook post and album comments
So amidst the cooking, and cleaning and hosting of a steady stream of visitors to the refurbished Te Niho, I stepped outside to photograph the Parihaka of 1977. I was looking for images that might capture a seemingly ghosted village on the cusp of its own renewal.


Facebook Post: Surveying
29 July 2018
Surveying is an act of framing, and of extraction, and of commodification. It reduces the living, the messy and the grab ... into a tidy representation that is ripe for transaction and for sale.


Facebook Post: Takaparawhau 40
25 May 2018
dawn in the 40th anniversary of Takaparawhau Bastion Point


Top 10 reasons why the Waitara Lands should be returned (2018)
by Carl Chenery and vivian Hutchinson, The Spinoff Website 21st April 2018    PDF version
1). The lands were stolen. They should be handed back as simply as possible ...
5). The current Bill is an improvement, but it is still absurd ...
10).Our young people want to commemorate not just our difficult history, but how it has led to a more just and equitable nation.



2017 Pages from a Year Book
Facebook post (photo album)

2017 A Sound Track from vivian Hutchinson
Facebook post and full track listing
I too pray for Peace on Earth and, while George Harrison is no longer with us, I am thankful that Robert Plant is still carrying the fire. Even Neil Finn is in the mastery of his own Chameleon Days. There's nothing pink about the pigs in Roger Walters angry sermon in Mexico City ... and the orange president hadn’t even been elected yet. We cannot forget that this is the world we have left our own grandchildren. Thank God their mothers and sisters and grandmothers cannot keep quiet. I am grateful that those children are also the inheritors of a songbook that reminds us what all this is for. While Bob Dylan is honoured with a Nobel in Literature, a new generation is already mining his music for this age. We tip our hats to the Carter and to the Staples families and the gifts they have passed forward. Tiki Taane and the Maori Quartet are also creating treasures for this place which will very quickly become their own taonga tuku iho. Nothing is amiss, and we'll need all of this. It's 1929 again folks. The day is on its way ... it couldn't wait no more. Here it comes.

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Facebook Post: Interregnum
1st October 2017
Values are not a retail transaction. They are not a brand. They are not a deal. They are the fruits of how we have grown up as people, and how our cultures have fostered that growing up.


Waitara: A Second Reading (2017)
— some thoughts on the Second Reading of the Waitara Lands Bill.
We might like to reflect on the proclamations by the local Mayor and MP that the latest Select Committee report amounts to an “Historic Day for New Zealand”. We may even begin to recognise that the Waitara hapu might have their own idea of what “historic” would look like to them. And we could even realise that it would be worth everyone’s while if Manukorihi and Otaraua were able to fully make that case.


Overdue committee report on Waitara Land Bill postponed for the fourth time
interview by Tara Shaskey in The Taranaki Daily News, 28th July 2017  Stuff Website    Facebook Post
It looks as though the new version of the Waitara Lands Bill will be a substantial re-write. Whether it preserves the original intentions of selling this stolen land, and then directing what the money will be spent on ... still remains to be seen.


Anonymous billboard protest sign of land bill dissent
by Tara Shaskey, Taranaki Daily News 15th July 2017   paper-clipping    Stuff website    Facebook post
Otaraua hapu spokesman Rawiri Doorbar: "It's clear to me that the person or persons who put this up are saying it's about time someone did the right thing and returned the land."

1708_Incubator_Invitation_Icon.png    ActionIncubatorIcon.png

Invitation to 1708 Community Action Incubator - Ringa Pūrere
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki

vivian Hutchinson - Community Action Incubator
an outline of our curriculum


Don't Just Do Something, Stand There (2017)
— some thoughts on Retreat and Community Action
The Retreat is a different type of meeting. It is an invitation, really. It’s an invitation to think together in different ways ... It is not a holiday from the real work. The Retreat is really a time for a different type of presence. It is time for turning up to a different type of conversation.

Facebook notes / comments and 2017 Retreat photos


Is Taranaki Coming to Terms with its Colonial Past?
RNZ Insight documentary by Robin Martin (28 mins) 7 April 2017
Taranaki Māori have paid dearly for their defiance of colonial rule, and the dodgy land deals that came with it, and many feel they are still suffering today.

Taranaki tensions rooted in Pakeha collective amnesia
RNZ Morning Report by Robin Martin (3 mins) 7 April 2017
The simmering tensions in Taranaki over race relations could be eased, some locals say, if Pakeha were more involved in the Treaty settlement process.


How to Explain Waitara to your Pakeha Friends and Relations (2017)
article for Waitangi Day 2017    Facebook post
It is not a complex issue. Any child knows the common-sense fair go that says if you steal something, then you should give it back. The dispute over the Waitara Lands is only complex when you are able to come up with 1001 ways of avoiding this common simplicity.


2017 Waitangi Day and Waitara
As part of its 2017 Waitangi Day celebrations, the New Plymouth District Council is tomorrow screening the film "Te Matakite o Aotearoa - the Maori Land March" at the Len Lye Centre, (2.30pm-3.30pm).

Peace for Pekapeka website
Peace for Pekapeka is an initiative organised by the Taranaki Maori Women's Network and supported by Te Roopu Kaumatua o Whai Tara, the Peaceful Province Initiative, and Community Taranak



2016 Pages from a Year Book
Facebook post (photo album)

2016 A Sound Track from vivian Hutchinson
Facebook post and full track listing
This year the soundtrack is a darker matter. It is also much more sentimental, which may well be another shade of darkness. Even the sounds of silence have come to me disturbed. I feel like I have finally been colonised by reality TV, and my mind is full of such twisted words. But beyond a melancholy mood, and even though I know it is foolish, I have stepped into the River. And this water helps me to remember that it is good to be alive today ... and to realise I can't stop thinking about you.

playlist available on YouTube (audio)  or YouTube (video)
or at Spotify 


Peace for Pekapeka Hikoi - 21st September 2016
a walk and protest about the Waitara Lands Bill


Waitara Peace for Pekapeka Hikoi photos



Invitation to 1609 Masterclass for Active Citizenship - Tū Tangata Whenua
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki 
Invitation to 1604 Masterclass for Active Citizenship - Tū Tangata Whenua
at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki


Invitation to 1507 Community Action Incubator (July-Nov 2015)
in the Waimea Garage