not for sale

If you are reading a printed edition of How Communities Awaken, then it is probably because someone gave it to you as a gift.

This gift may well be a demonstration of what the book itself is about: that our connections with one another, our engagement with what matters, and our generosity with our talents and resources ... are all key components of how communities awaken.


While the individual printed edition is not for sale, our local Taranaki printer is quite happy to give you a quote for multiple copies of this book (minimum 30+ copies) if you are also wanting to give it to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, or community organisations as a gift. For more details, contact Graphix New Plymouth at +64 6 758 3247 or [email protected]

Otherwise, we have made this entire series of essays freely available online, and they can easily be read on any device from desktop computer to mobile phone.

The How Communities Awaken webpage is at

And a Guidebook to our Masterclass for Active Citizenship — Tū Tangata Whenua — is also online at

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