He Puanga Haeata - Parihaka-Crown Reconciliation Ceremony

Parihaka settlement first step to closure of painful past
by Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere TVNZ 9th June 2017
"A dark and shameful episode in NZ history was laid to rest today. The Crown went to the small Taranaki settlement of Parihaka to say sorry and offer a multi-million dollar compensation fund. The reconciliation happens 136 years after government troops invaded the village. The military strike was in response to Parihaka's campaign of passive resistance against the Crown's land grab polices..."

TDNParihaka.jpgA New Peace for Parihaka
by Deena Coster, The Taranaki Daily News

Crown apologises for past horrors
by Tara Shaskey, The Taranaki Daily News

After over 140 years, Parihaka people receive apology from the Crown
by Ani-Oriwia Adds, Maori Television

Crown apologises for 'shameful' events at Parihaka in 1881
by TV1News

Hundreds gather for Govt apology for historical Maori injustice
by Emma Hurley and Maiki Sherman, TV3 Newshub

"I don't believe the hurt will ever heal" Parihaka Invasion
Marae TVNZ

Crown apologies for the sacking of Parihaka
(audio and video) by Radio New Zealand Checkpoint

A place for returning: injustice, legacy and reconciliation at Parihaka
by Danny Keenan

A milestone day for Parihaka – and for the long march to justice and peace in Aotearoa
by Jack McDonald

Dave Dobbyn at Parihaka 9th June 2017
Welcome Home
Loyal and Slice of Heaven

Beating Shame - Parihaka and the very long sorry
(paper) by Rachel Buchanan

Marae TVNZ - Interview by Miriama Kamo with Chair of the Parihaka Papakāinga Trust Puna Wano-Bryant and Parihaka descendant Jack McDonald discusing the Crown apology to Parihaka and the historic reconciliation package that was signed on 9th June 2017.

Reconciliation Documents



Parihaka Pa Trustees Website     

He Puanga Haeata - The Ceremony Programme - Friday 9th June 2017

Te Kawenata o Rongo - The Deed of Reconciliation

The Parihaka Compact of Trust 


2019 - Final Reading of Parihaka Legislation in Parliament

Parihaka reach milestone to reconcile relationship with Crown
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui, Te Manu Korihi Reporter, RNZ 24th October 2019
More than a hundred years since armed constabulary troops desecrated the peaceful Taranaki settlement Parihaka, the Crown is owning up to its wrongs, and the people of Parihaka are starting to heal.