Our Community Circles were designed to be a regular time
when local active citizens could meet up with one another
and have deeper conversations
about the opportunities and challenges we see in our communities.

These circles aimed to achieve both a community and a civic purpose:

•    Invite the active citizens of our district to meet on a regular basis and get to know each other better.

•    Talk about what we can and are doing to make a difference to the well-being of our people and our place.

Thirty of these seasonal gatherings took place at the NPDC Council Chambers between 2012-2021, and were open to all.

These meetings were hosted as a partnership between the New Plymouth District Council and Community Taranaki.

Diary of Community Circles (2012-2021)

About our Community Circles (2015)

vivian Hutchinson – Some Notes for Community Circle Organisers. (2021)


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Community Taranaki Community Circle Diary (2012-2021)


January 2023
Community Taranaki activities are in recess

19 October 2023
Farewell to Powderham Street

27 November 2022
A Citizen in Christchurch

23 October 2022
A Decline in Friendship

30 September 2022
Citizens Assemblies

5 April 2022
Inspiring Communities



22 March 2022
Climate Change: A letter to you in 2050

1st February 2022
Inspiring Communities: Learning from Taranaki

9 September 2021
Meetings postponed due to Covid

24 June 2021
ACE National Conference in Wellington
Award for Community-based Programme of the Year

26 March 2021
Special Meeting for Community Circle Organisers

31 August 2020
A Guide to Our Masterclass

25 March 2020
A Time to Show Compassion

19 March 2020
Five Things to Do During a Pandemic



11 March 2020
Autumn 2020 Community Circle
Justin Clinton-Gohdes
Karen Johns
Richard Handley
Fran Davey

8 March 2020
The Anniversaries of Our Amnesia

25 February 2020
The Shape of Our Masterclass

13 February 2020
The Possibility Conversation

6 February 2020
Community Conversations at the Waitangi Day Market

9 January 2020
A View Towards 2050

13 December 2019
Community and Liberation
30th Anniversary of founding of Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki

Access Radio Community Circle Summer 2019
Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki - vivian Hutchinson, Awhina Cameron et al



11 December 2019
Summer 2019 Community Circle
vivian Hutchinson
Awhina Cameron
Te Aorangi Dillon
Amanda Clinton-Gohdes

15 November 2019
The Invitation Conversation

26 October 2019
Tuia 250 Community Korero for the Common Good

17 October 2019
Remembering the New Zealand Wars and the work yet to be done

20 October 2019
By Whose Authority

10 October 2019
The Citizenship Conversation



11 September 2019
Spring 2019 Community Circle
with Local Election Candidates
Glen Bennett (Social Wellbeing),
Steve Francis (Environmental Wellbeing),
Len Houwers (Economic Wellbeing),
Hokipera Ruakere (Cultural Wellbeing)

22 August 2019
The Slow-Burning Citizenship Crisis

18 June 2019
Winter 2019 Community Circle
Maura Young - Taranaki Chamber of Commerce
Nicola Ngarewa - principal of Spotswood College
Jenny Rowan - former Mayor of Inglewood and of Kapiti
Catherine Cheung - Climate Change Taranaki

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2019 Catherine Cheung

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2019 Jenny Rowan

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2019 Nicola Ngarewa

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2019 Maura Young

24 April 2019
Climate Change and Consciousness



10 February 2019
Autumn 2019 Community Circle
Jim Tucker
Vicky Dombroski
Hokipera Ruakere
Ethan Griffiths (School Strike 4 Climate)

8 February 2019
Popcorn and the Treaty

14 December 2018
Summer Community Circle
Graeme Porter
Jen Natoli
Bonita Bingham
Frank Gaze

12 December 2018
The Value of An Apology

10 October 2018
A Citizen in Westown



14 September 2018
Spring Community Circle
Charlotte Littlewood
Rowena Wood
Justin Clinton-Gohdes
Rawiri Doorbar

5 September 2018
Citizen and Community
more Citizen and Community

12 July 2018
Winter 2018 Community Circle
Kama Burwell
Barbara Hammonds
Gordon Brown
Sue Comrie
Kati Freeman

27 April 2018
Glen Bennett and Awhina Cameron in Cincinnati

21st April 2018
Top Ten Reasons Why the Waitara Lands Should be Returned



22 March 2018
Autumn 2018 Community Circle
Bali Haque
Keri Elvin
Morgan Harrison

11 December 2017
Summer 2017 Community Circle
Stacey Hitchcock
Colleen Tuuta
Wayne Morris
Lynne Holdem
Our 5th Anniversary

27 November 2017
Regenerating Citizenship and Community



13 September 2017
Spring 2017 Community Circle
Election Year Special
Jonathan Young (National, MP),
Bali Haque, Corie Haddock (Labour),
Stuart Bramhall (Green),
Anneka Carlson (Act),
Murray Chong (NZ First),
Adrian Rurawhe (Labour).

3 August 2017
Max Harris in New Plymouth

30 July 2017
A Civic Sunday - Kai and Korero

16 June 2017
Winter 2017 Community Circle
Harry Duynhoven
Lynne Holdem
Karin Christensen
Callum Williamson

28 May 2017
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

9 May 2017
Community Taranaki Autumn Retreat

7 April 2018
Pakeha Collective Amnesia



9 March 2017
Autumn 2017 Community Circle
Richard Handley
Wihau Tamihana
Sue Carter
Garth Browning

6 February 2017
How to Explain Waitara to Your Pakeha Friends and Relations
Waitangi Day and Waitara

10 December 2016
Summer 2016 Community Circle
Mayor Neil Holdom
Dr Nicky Nelson
Te Aorangi Dillon
Active Citizen: Dr Nicky Nelson - Child Poverty in Taranaki

18 November 2016
vivian Hutchinson Submission to Māori Affairs Select Committee on the Waitara Lands Bill

27 October 2016
Community Taranaki Submission to Māori Affairs Select Committee on the Waitara Lands Bill

3 October 2016
Peace for Pekapeka
The Waitara Land Grab



7 September 2016
Spring 2016 Community Circle
Peter Tennent
Greg Stephens
Awhina Cameron
Howie Tamati

20 July 2016
Watching the Seabirds at Waitara

12 July 2016
Taranaki Peace Walk to Parihaka

16 June 2016
Peace Walk Community Circle in Okato Hall

15 June 2016
Peace Walk Community Circle in Oakura Hall

15 June 2016
Something Worth Walking For

11 June 2016
Walking into a New Conversation

8 June 2016
Winter 2016 Community Circle
vivian Hutchinson
Julie Straka
Anand Rose
Colleen Tuuta
Glen Bennett

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2016 Parihaka Peace Walk
speakers (53mins) vivian Hutchinson
Glen Bennett - I'm joining the peace walk because....
Anand Rose - Keep close to the Maori people
ColleenTuuta - Peace Walk Kotahitanga



4 March 2016
Autumn 2016 Community Circle
Aroha Chamberlain
Andrew Pepper
Raukura Ropiha

6 February 2016
Waitangi Day Walk of Peace

6 December 2015
Summer 2015 Community Circle
Liam Hodges
Catherine Cheung
Danielle Diamond
Carolyn Hartness

2nd September 2015
Spring 2015 Community Circle
Min White
Jason Mathews
Ngaropi Cameron

Access Radio 2015 Active Citizen Kere Ell New Horizons Aotearoa

Access Radio 2015 Active Citizen Elaine Shen Rollins

Access Radio 2015 Active Citizen Danielle Diamond Free Range Learners

Access Radio Community Circle 2015 NPDC Long Term Plan Submissions - Franzsika von Hunerbein Kama Burwell



17 June 2015
Winter 2015 Community Circle
Mayor Andrew Judd
Virginia Winder
Joanne Kuvarji
Elaine Shen Rollins

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2015 Joanne Kuvarji Elaine Shen

1 April 2015
CTAR Coffee Meet-Ups

March 2015
Autumn 2015 Community Circle
Janeen Page
Andy Bassett
Jocelyn Millard

Access Radio Community Circle Autumn 2015 Janine Page Andy Bassett

16 February 2015
Re-Think the System



9 December 2014
Summer 2014 Community Circle
Shirley Vickery
Lance Girling-Butcher
Daniel Woolley
Franzsika von Hunerbein

Access Radio Community Circle Summer 2014 Shirley Vickery and Lance Girling-Butcher

20 October 2014
Celebrating Taranaki Kuia Matarena Rau-Kupa (Aunty Marj)

8 September 2014
Spring 2014 Community Circle
Murray Chong
Colleen Tuuta
Ruth Pfister
Rawinia Leatherby

Access Radio Community Circle Spring 2014 Murray Chong Ruth Pfister

22 July 2014
Feathers for Whanau Ora

16 June 2014
Winter 2014 Community Circle
Grant Coward
Stuart Bramhall
Teresa Goodin

Access Radio Community Circle Winter 2014 Stuart Bramhall Teresa Goodin



3 March 2014
Autumn 2014 Community Circle
Marnie Reinfelds
Len Houvers
Jen Natoli

Access Radio Community Circle Autumn 2014 Marnie Reinfelds Jen Natoli

17 February 2014
Statistics That Matter

2nd December 2013
Summer 2013 Community Circle
Leighton Littlewood
Michelle Ramage
Ngamata Skipper
Margaret Smith

Access Radio Community Circle Summer 2013 Ngamata Skipper Leighton Littlewood

September 2013
Spring 2013 Community Circle
Elaine Gill
Sam Jones
David Younger

June 2013
Winter 2013 Community Circle
Lynne Holdem
Glen Bennett
Beryl Allison
Awhina Cameron
Kama Burwell

April 2013
What's Broken is the We

27-28 April 2013
NZ Creativity Challenge with Wayne Morris



March 2013
Autumn 2013 Community Circle
Ngaropi Cameron
Wayne Morris
Sarah Birchler
Paul Smith

7 February 2013
Community Korero at Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki

December 2012
Summer 2012 Community Circle
Elaine Gill
Lynne Holdem
Jocelyn Millard
Barbara Hammond

How Communities Awaken at PukeAriki
A Masterclass for Active Citizenship