you are invited

by vivian Hutchinson

June 2021 1 min read download as Masterclass PDF

YOU ARE INVITED to step into some conversations that matter. These are the conversations that enable our communities to awaken, heal and thrive.

They are the conversations that might offer you some ideas and questions and histories and experiences that will stretch your existing thinking. Or they may simply provoke your own memories and insights into what works in the communities to which you belong.

You are invited to these conversations not just as a reader, but as a citizen who has probably got your own book somewhere there inside you. Perhaps, in this journey, you will re-discover your own stories of experience and scraps of wisdom that can teach and restore and surprise.

It might even take you a while to process what you are reading on these pages — because you can expect to be interrupted by your own recollections and questions.

You could be surprised to find out just how many voices there are in your own head that are asking to be reclaimed. You might even be curious as to what has been the reason for your forgetting.

So you are invited.

And the first voice you may hear is a karakia, or a prayer:

Let there be peace in Aotearoa.

Let this peace be based on the goodwill between us.

Let us remember that there are things that matter

that are beyond ourselves.